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Your Pet's Happy Place

we offer a wide variety of food options for your pet


We offer a wide variety of food to meet your dog's nutritional needs. We carry a large selection of proteins and at all price points. Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to see which brand is right for you!

Grain-Free Dry

Does your pup have special dietary needs and is on grain-free formula? We offer a variety of brands, proteins and formulas to keep your pup on track!


We carry both dehydrated and frozen raw diets. We have a variety of proteins and formulas to satisfy your pup's needs. 


Looking for something you can make at home? We have multiple varieties of brands of food that you make at home. We also offer fresh-made refrigerated rolls as well. 


Our selection of can foods is grand. We offer grain-free options as well. Many of our brands accompany our dry food. 


We offer dry, grain-free, can and raw for your kitty. Come and find the purrrfect meal.