Planning for a Safe and Fun Halloween!

pet-christmas-safteyOn Halloween night, the door bell rings more than usual. The energy is high in the excitement of passing out candy, or getting the family ready to go trick or treating. This is an exciting night for families, but can be a stressful night for your dog or cat. It’s good to plan ahead for their safety and peace of mind. Here is a list of Halloween Tips to help prepare your fun night not only for peace of mind for you and your family, but for your pet too:

  • Set up a room for your cat and/or dog with plenty of water, food, and toys during trick or treating hours. Include a sound filter for them like a tv or radio.
  • Keep your Halloween candy up and away from where your dog can eat it. Chocolate can be fatal!
  • The wrappers, such as tin foil, can get stuck in your pet’s digestive track.
  • This time of year is dangerous for outdoor cats, especially black ones. Keep a watchful eye, or consider keeping them in doors for the month.
  • If you are going to dress your dog or cat in a costume, remember that they may not be receptive to this kind of thing, you could be causing discomfort or stress. Try it out before the big night. Then try it out in front of your home to see if the reaction would be the same while in the midst of people. If there are signs of discomfort or stress, remove the costume immediately and consider a different plan.
  • Most dogs are okay with costumes, however, masks can be too confining.
  • To minimize chances of an accident, add reflective tape to your dog’s costume if they will be out after dark.
  • If you haven’t done so already, visit your veterinarian for a microchip prior to the festivities of Halloween. If your pet does escape from the house or becomes lost, a microchip will increase the chances that they will be returned home again. Also make sure your pet is wearing a collar with proper ID tags.
  • Although tempting, consider not bringing your dog along for trick-or-treating. Even the best-trained dogs can become spooked or aggressive in the noise and confusion of Halloween. Children you encounter may also be fearful of dogs.

If you have any questions concerning Halloween and your dog and/or cat’s safety, please feel free to give us a call at the store! (714) 377-7630 And have a fun and safe Happy Halloween!