Pet Health Awareness – September is still HOT!

We lіkе tо tаkе оur pets оn daily walks. Аftеr аll, wе аrе concerned wіth thеіr health аnd shоuld wаnt thеm tо remain іn good shape. Вut beware оf thе unseen health risks tо уоur pet thаt саn bе associated wіth thе summer heat.

September is the Hottest Month

dog-sun-bathingIt’s officially fall, but it’s still hot here in Southern California. Animalia’s store in Huntington Beach, California is just over two miles from the beach, where it’s generally considered “cool”. But even here, almost literally, on the coast, it can be dangerously hot not only for humans, but for our furry, four legged family members!

Remember that temperatures can run up to 80+ degrees on some September days. This may not be a “hot” day to some, but if your pet is left in the car, the temperature is fatal.

With the weather so beautiful, families are still wanting to spend time outdoors well in to the school year. Many dogs want to play outdoors too! Some ideas to help keep your dog cool include fun with the hose, kid pool, etc.

Take a look at this Top Five “Stay Cool” list for September…and enjoy the month!

1. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car
On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

2. Shelter from the Sun
Your dog might enjoy a little sunbathing, but she ultimately needs a cool, shady spot to relax. Prolonged sun exposure not only leads to heat exhaustion, it can also cause sunburn. This is true for your cat too!cooldog

3. Pools for Cooling
If you have a dog that loves water, kiddie pools are great! (no inflatables). Just make sure you supervise your dog at all times. Another idea for water fun is the hose! Spraying your dog may not be very fun for him/her, so just let them play in it if interested.

4. Ice Cubes
There are many dogs who believe ice cubes to be excellent treats! A more popular use for ice cubes would be to drop several in to the dog water bowl either indoors or out.

5. Bring Water with You!
At Animalia, we have a pretty large variety of water carriers for your dog. They range from collapsable, to bottles, to pouches. Come down to the store, bring your pooch, and take a look!

One last California Tip for Heat and Your Dog:
An extra bottle of water can go a long way in an emergency. If stuck on the freeway expectantly, and your car has no A/C, a bottle of water poured onto a cloth can save your dog’s life! Always keep water handy!


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