Animalia features high quality pet food, treats, toys, and accessories for your dog and cat. We're a pet store that even has some things for humans too!

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Here are the latest events coming up at Animalia. Take a look at our Events page for a snapshot of just what we've been up to!

Events at Animalia
  • September SALES!

    It’s a big End of Summer Sale month at Animalia…take a look! 30% off all Fans 20% off Carriers 20% off Summer Dog Clothes 20% off Drinkware and Accessories water bottles, wine glasses, mugs, wine charms, etc. 20% off Human Gifts Take a look at our Sales page for more information!      

  • Dental Cleaning & Pet Vaccinations – September 23rd

    Animalia hosts anesthesia free Dental Cleaning and Pet Vaccinations regularly in the store. Our next clinic will be held on September 23rd. Call us to make your appointment now! For more information, call us at 714-377-7630. Take a look at our Facebook Page for coupons and sales!

High Quality Pet Food

All of the foods we sell are corn, wheat, soy free, and product free. We carry dry, can, fresh and frozen food for dogs and cats. We offer a variety of dry and canned and fresh food for your dog. Here are just some examples of the high quality food we carry at the store:

Take a look!

Helpful Informative Blog

Keep current with ideas and helpful information to care for your dog or cat.

Animalia Blog
  • Pet Health Awareness – September is still HOT!

    We lіkе tо tаkе оur pets оn daily walks. Аftеr аll, wе аrе concerned wіth thеіr health аnd shоuld wаnt thеm tо remain іn good shape. Вut beware оf thе unseen health risks tо уоur pet thаt саn bе associated wіth thе summer heat. September is the Hottest Month It’s officially fall, but it’s still […]

  • Did you know supplements can help improve your pet’s overall health?

    Animalia is one of the few local pet stores that carry a wide variety of natural supplements for your dog and cat. One of the brands we carry is from N’Zymes. Nutritional Supplements To Give Your Pet Proper Nutrition - N’Zymes Supplements  When you think about proper nutrition for humans, you will find that supplements are often needed to help maintain 100% homeostasis within the […]

  • Animalia’s Featured Pet Food for the Month: Nature’s Logic

    Nature’s Logic -100% Truly Natural Pet Foods - carried at Animalia Pet Store, Huntington Beach, CA   Nature’s Logic Makes Perfect Sense Take a look at most dog and cat food today, and you’ll be astonished. The average pet food is full of chemicals, synthetic vitamins, and in some instances fillers that you would never dream of feeding your pet straightway. For most animal lovers, there seems to be no […]